Returns Policy

Return Policy

Last Updated: October 10th, 2021

Due to the type of products Citri Fresh sells, the return policy may differ depending on certain situations. Please contact us so we may address it specifically.

30-DAY Return Policy

  • A return/refund request may be made anytime within 30 days of the original purchase date. Please read section 3 under REFUNDS if the product(s) was damaged during transportation.


  1. If a return is approved, Citri Fresh will provide a return slip and email it to the appropriate recipients.
  2. The following items must be returned to Citri Fresh, LLC, no later than 30 days after original purchase date:
    1. Original product container (jug, bucket, bottle, etc.) with product inside.
  3. Once Citri Fresh receives the product, it will determine whether the product was used properly, if at all, and will issue a refund if the original sender requests it. They may also request an alternate option of receiving the same amount of original purchased product instead. The customer may not request both.
  4. Once Citri Fresh receives the original product and grants a refund, it will be issued by the original method of payment. Please allow up to a week for the transaction to process. If issues persist after the specified timeframe, please contact us.


  1. If it’s determined that the product is intact and was used prior to issuing a return, despite damaged packaging during transportation, no refunds will be issued.
  2. No refunds or returns will be accepted for late returns (past 30 days of original purchase date), lost or stolen product(s), or misdirected products.
  3. If a product is damaged, and the recipient requests a refund, proof must be sent to the proper communication channels. If Citri Fresh determines the product to be damaged from outside sources, a return/refund will be granted.

Citri Fresh retains the right to approve or deny any return/refund requests for any reason at their own discretion.