October Updates

October 2021 Updates

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In this blog post, we’ll talk about the recent changes made to Citri Fresh. If you have any questions about any of the changes, please don’t hesitate to contact us at sales@citrifresh.com.

Returns Policy, Privacy Policy, & Terms of Service

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We’ve recently updated our Returns Policy, Privacy Policy, and our Terms of Service. We realize how important this information is to our customers, so we wanted to include the most up-to-date versions on our website.

With these links, we hope to alleviate potential concerns & questions that may arise when visiting our website.

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1 Gallon jug for Mold-B-Gone
Our new photos offer a sleek, high-quality view of our products that’s easy on the eyes.

Product Photos

As we continued to upgrade and add new information to Citri Fresh, we started to discuss other potential changes. After extensive discussion, we concluded that our product photos were among the next set of items that needed changing.

As a result, we’ve updated all product photos across the entire website. Our new photos are uniform in design and lighting, offering high-quality renders of our products that are easy on the eyes.

Mini Website Redesign

If you’ve visited Citri Fresh within the past month, you may have noticed some design changes, mainly on our homepage; the biggest change so far is the inclusion of our new blog.

Modifications to the homepage, footer, and internal systems of our website have been made to offer a faster, more pleasant, shopping experience.


As a result of a desire to help facilitate information between our customers, we’ve created a blog, where we’ll post information ranging from announcements to informational articles that may pertain to the products we sell or the industries relating to them.

By including this blog, we hope to provide informative content on the products we sell as well as the industries they affect.

This marks the end of this blog post. If you have any questions regarding the topics mentioned above, please don’t hesitate to reach out to us by clicking here or by emailing us at sales@citrifresh.com

Mold Remediation, its growth, and why its important

Mold Remediation’s decade-long growth & why it’s important

In the last decade, Mold Remediation jobs & companies exploded in popularity due to growing information & necessity.

Mold Remediation

Over the past decade, Mold Remediation’s popularity steadily increased. More research was performed, and knowledge became publicly available, allowing access to information previously undocumented. As a result, companies were created to meet the demand of the growing concern over the potential negative health effects of mold.

Today, Mold Remediation, along with the mold industry, is a billion-dollar giant. In this article, we’ll define and describe what Mold Remediation is as a whole, how it got so popular, and why Mold Remediation is important.

What is Mold Remediation?

Mold Remediation is the overall process of removing, cleaning, sanitizing, demolishing (if necessary), and prevention of mold inside mold-contaminated areas. These areas often involve residential and commercial buildings, but it can be any area containing unwanted mold.

Depending on the severity of mold, certain steps may take longer than others. However, on average, the removal and sanitization processes are longest.

How did it get so popular?

Although there are many reasons why Mold Remediation grew in popularity, the main reasons can be narrowed down to the following points:

Increased research & knowledge available

In the past, information on mold, including its potential negative effects inside residential and commercial areas, was scarce. However, as concern over personal health and environmental disaster shifted, research entities responded by conducting more experiments on the effects of mold.

Research progressed, and more information on mold was created, found, and discussed, shinning a light on the harmful effects mold can cause in heavy concentrations.

Today, environmental & personal health concerns are high, and as people become well-informed, a supply for Mold Remediation emerged and grew.

Increased demand caused by external sources

Weather and climate disasters in 2019. Map by NOAA NCEI. Learn more here.

In 2019, the United States experienced at least 14 natural weather/climate disasters, causing billions of dollars in damages. Note, however, that most of these natural disasters include some form of flooding, rain, or hail.

In areas prone to rain, floods, or hurricanes, mold growth is highest and can cause residential and commercial buildings to be inhabitable until Mold Remediation is performed.

Why Mold Remediation is important

New information about mold is released every year, making people become aware about the negative effects. More people can recognize signs of mold and make necessary actions to prevent it. Combined with continuous weather events, the demand for Mold Remediation increases each year.

At high-level counts, mold can cause long-term health issues to humans, pets, and the environment. Mold Remediation is the biggest solution to fighting this problem; it lowers the mold count to safer levels and prevents growth from occurring in the future.

Mold Remediation continues to improve as new procedures, products, and methods of applications are tested, approved, and used. As it stands, Mold Remediation will likely continue its upwards growth for the foreseeable future.

Mold Remediation is half the battle

When performing Mold Remediation, choosing the right product to help remove and prevent mold stains is half the battle. Most chemicals can’t remove mold stains properly, visibly hide, but doesn’t remove, mold stains, or is harmful to people, pets, or the environment.

Citri Fresh can help

Mold Remediation companies in Atlanta, GA, and surrounding areas, continue to buy Mold Zap & Mold-B-Gone due to being cost-effective and time-saving.

Citri Fresh products will NOT harm people, pets, and the environment when applied properly, and it will leave your next Mold Remediation job mold-stain free and leave your customer satisfied.

If you have any questions, or want to learn more about the products we offer, please don’t hesitate to reach out to us by clicking here or emailing us at: sales@citrifresh.com

Our eco-friendly answer to safely repelling bees

Bee Stop: Our eco-friendly answer to safely repelling bees

Bee Stop repels bees without harming them or the environment!

Bees are important

Bees play an important role in the ecosystem. They provide honey, beeswax, and perform pollination. By continuously pollinating the ecosystem, bees create sustainable farming, help biodiversity and environmental protection, and creates food security. By studying bees and their behaviors, scientists can determine the environment’s current situation and make the necessary changes to ensure its success.

The problem with insecticides, pesticides, and bees

Wasps, and similar insects related to the bee, pollinate, but are often seen as pests rather than essential to the environment. As a result, insecticides/pesticides are used to kill them, and unfortunately, bees may also end up as victims to these harmful chemicals.

These products often contain chemicals toxic to the environment. Not only is the environment harmed by using these chemicals, but pollinators are being eliminated too, further damaging the ecosystem as a whole.

Our Solution: Bee Stop

We understand the difficulties of having bees, wasps, and other insects around residential or commercial buildings. So, as a result, Citri Fresh now sells an all-natural, eco-friendly product that repels them without harming the environment. By applying Bee Stop on desired surfaces, bees & wasps are repelled without harming them or the environment.

1 gallon jug of Bee Stop
Bee Stop is our answer to repelling bees & wasps while keeping them, and the environment, safe.

Eco-friendly & All-natural

Bee Stop is completely eco-friendly & all-natural. By using ingredients found naturally occurring in nature, the blended formula acts a natural repellent towards bees & wasps.

While Citri Fresh recommends always wearing protective goggles when handling any chemical, Bee Stop will NOT harm people, pets, and plants.

All-natural Ingredients

Bee Stop uses an all-natural, eco-friendly blend of essential oils (orange, grapefruit, coconut, and more) to create a product that is capable of repelling bees & wasps without harming them or the environment.

Renewable resources

The ingredients used in Bee Stop come from renewable resources, meaning use of our ingredients does not deplete the overall number of resources available on earth. Furthermore, our ingredients do not take away or harm the earth – one of the biggest considerations when creating Bee Stop.

A growing concern

Bees, wasps, and similar insects are important to the environment. The growing environmental concerns regarding insecticides and the declining bee population prompted the creation of new methods and products from companies all over the globe.

Citri Fresh is selling Bee Stop in order to facilitate the needs of a repellent that does not harm the environment, bees and other related insects, and keeps the area free of bees & wasps.

If you have any questions about Bee Stop, or any products Citri Fresh currently sells, please don’t hesitate to contact us by clicking the button below or by emailing us at sales@citrifresh.com

At the time of writing this article, we currently have a week left in the FALL SHIPPING EVENT that ends October 6th, 2021. By using the coupon code: FALLSHIPPING2021 during checkout, you can get free shipping on any and all purchases.

Mold Zap can save you Time & Money!

Mold Zap can help you save time & money!

Mold Zap is used to remove mold & mildew on the interior wooden frames of residential and commercial buildings.

Did you know that our eco-friendly, two-part product, Mold Zap, can help you reduce the time it takes to remove mold stains by up to 67%? Mold Zap is our most competitive product for contractors in Atlanta, GA, and surrounding areas, for both residential & commercial mold remediation.

Check out Mold Zap by clicking here!

If Mold Zap is applied by a mold remediation company, the product comes with a 5-year PRODUCT warranty.

– Citri Fresh

The common problems with treating mold stains

In most cases, treating areas contaminated with mold stains is a two-step process, and depending on the mold severity would determine the needed steps in treating the infected area(s). Most jobs using Mold Zap often require complete removal of mold-infected drywall, followed by treatment of the underlying wooden frame.

In these cases, complete treatment will require two, completely-separate products and processes: the first process is mold remediation of the infected areas; the second step is sealing the interior to prevent possible regrowth.

Sourcing chemicals from two different companies can, and often will, cause difficulties before the start of each job:

  • Double the amount of time and effort required in finding each chemical and learning to properly use them.
  • Double the cost buying two separate chemicals from two separate companies charging different prices and quantities.
  • The possibilities of one or both chemicals not properly cleaning and treating the infected areas, causing potential mold regrowth.

Mold Zap is the solution to these common problems

1 gallon jug for mold zap part a
One part of Mold Zap, which helps remove mold stains!

Mold Zap is our answer to these common problems. By combining both parts of the mold remediation process, Mold Zap can save you both time & money on your next mold job.

Mold Zap is an eco-friendly product that comes in two parts: Part A & Part B. When mixed together, they activate, creating a conveniently cheap method of both remediating mold stains and sealing the area underneath.

When Mold Zap activates and is sprayed onto the affected surfaces, the combined chemicals effectively remove mold and mildew stains while simultaneously sealing the treated area.

Because of its ability to remove mold and mildew stains, and seal the applied area at the same time, there’s no need for additional scrubbing, saving both time and money. Furthermore, by using Mold Zap, you can reduce training and application time as well as overall costs.

In the case of heavy mold buildup on the wooden frame, a HEPA-Vacuum, or use of a scrubbing device, is required in order to remove surface-level mold. 

This allows Mold Zap to penetrate the pores in the wood and remove underlying mold stains and prevent regrowth from occurring.

Contractors around the Atlanta, GA, and surrounding, areas continue to choose Mold Zap as their preferred choice for mold remediation & prevention due to its cost-saving benefits and high-effectiveness rate on every job performed using Mold Zap.

Mold Zap is a chemical that should be used on unfinished wooden framing and interior, shown in the picture at the beginning of this article. 

Using Mold Zap on or near finished homes with furnishings, drywall, flooring, etc., may leave stains and other unwanted blemishes on such items.

When using Mold Zap, standard PPE procedures should be followed to ensure proper application of Mold Zap to the affected areas. To learn more about the PPE procedures, please click here.

If you have any questions about Mold Zap, or any of our other products, please don’t hesitate to contact us by clicking the button below or by emailing us at sales@citrifresh.com

At the time of writing this article, we currently have a FALL SHIPPING EVENT taking place until October 6th, 2021. By using the coupon code: FALLSHIPPING2021 during checkout, you can get free shipping on any and all purchases.

This is the perfect time to try Mold Zap on your next mold job or project!