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Mold Zap comes in two options:

  • Mold Zap 2 Gallon Mix ($64.87)
  • Mold Zap 10 Gallon Mix ($311.35)

Both Mold Zap 2 Gallon & 10 Gallon mixes will come with both part A & B when purchased.

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Mold Zap is a two-part, eco-friendly product designed to remove all traces of mold and mildew stains in one application without scrubbing.

Mold Zap is an all-in-one mold product that removes, cleans, and prevents mold stains from reoccurring.

Mold Zap is a chemical that should be used on unfinished wooden framing and interior.

Using Mold Zap on or near finished homes with furnishings, drywall, flooring, etc., may leave stains and other unwanted blemishes on such items.

When using Mold Zap, standard PPE procedures should be followed to ensure proper application of Mold Zap to the affected areas. To learn more about the PPE procedures, please click here.

In the case of heavy mold buildup on the wooden frame, a HEPA-Vacuum, or use of a scrubbing device, is required in order to remove surface-level mold. This allows Mold Zap to penetrate the pores in the wood and remove underlying mold stains and prevent regrowth from occurring.

To learn more about Mold Zap and how it affects mold remediation, click here.

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Mold Zap 2 Gallon Mix, Mold Zap 10 Gallon Mix

1 review for Mold Zap

  1. Phil (verified owner)

    Amazing! I sprayed Mold Zap in the beams and sub flor in one room of my basement and within a minuet it started to foam. When I first entered the room the smell was very pronounced, after treatment the room smelled more neutral. I still have some mold smell but that’s coming from the rooms which have not been treated yet.

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