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Deck Strip

Deck Strip

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Deck Strip - Best Wood Stain Stripper

Deck Strip, our best wood stain stripper, is a premium-quality exterior wood stripper for all types of traditional stains and pigmented finishes.

In just 15 minutes, Deck Strip will cut through and remove old, weathered coatings, including solid or semi-transparent stains, tinted water repellents, or other toner-type, transparent finishes.

Oil-base, water-base, and even tough-to-remove latex stains are easily removed in one application with our best wood stain stripper, Deck Strip!

Once used, follow up with Deck Brite to neutralize and restore the wood to its bright, clean, and natural look.

Please note: During preparation & application, rubber or plastic-coated gloves and safety goggles are necessary. If applying with a sprayer, wear NIOSH-approved full-face respirators with organic vapor cartridges and N-95 pre-filter. Furthermore, care should be taken to cover any exposed metal surfaces to prevent discoloration & corrosion.