Mold Remediation - How it grew so fast and why it's important!

Mold Remediation - How it grew so fast and why it's important!

Mold Remediation

Over the past decade, Mold Remediation’s popularity steadily increased. More research was performed, and knowledge became publicly available, allowing access to information previously undocumented. As a result, companies were created to meet the demand of the growing concern over the potential negative health effects of mold.

Today, Mold Remediation, along with the mold industry, is a billion-dollar giant. In this article, we’ll define and describe what Mold Remediation is as a whole, how it got so popular, and why Mold Remediation is important.

What is Mold Remediation?

Mold Remediation is the overall process of removing, cleaning, sanitizing, demolishing (if necessary), and prevention of mold inside mold-contaminated areas. These areas often involve residential and commercial buildings, but it can be any area containing unwanted mold.

Depending on the severity of mold, certain steps may take longer than others. However, on average, the removal and sanitization processes are longest.

How did it get so popular?

Although there are many reasons why Mold Remediation grew in popularity, the main reasons can be narrowed down to the following points:

Increased research & knowledge available

In the past, information on mold, including its potential negative effects inside residential and commercial areas, was scarce. However, as concern over personal health and environmental disaster shifted, research entities responded by conducting more experiments on the effects of mold.

Research progressed, and more information on mold was created, found, and discussed, shinning a light on the harmful effects mold can cause in heavy concentrations.

Today, environmental & personal health concerns are high, and as people become well-informed, a supply for Mold Remediation emerged and grew.

Increased demand caused by external sources

Weather and climate disasters in 2021. Map by NOAA NCEI. Learn more here.

In 2019, the United States experienced at least 14 natural weather/climate disasters, causing billions of dollars in damages. Note, however, that most of these natural disasters include some form of flooding, rain, or hail.

In areas prone to rain, floods, or hurricanes, mold growth is highest and can cause residential and commercial buildings to be inhabitable until Mold Remediation is performed.

Why Mold Remediation is important

New information about mold is released every year, making people become aware about the negative effects. More people can recognize signs of mold and make necessary actions to prevent it. Combined with continuous weather events, the demand for Mold Remediation increases each year.

At high-level counts, mold can cause long-term health issues to humans, pets, and the environment. Mold Remediation is the biggest solution to fighting this problem; it lowers the mold count to safer levels and prevents growth from occurring in the future.

Mold Remediation continues to improve as new procedures, products, and methods of applications are tested, approved, and used. As it stands, Mold Remediation will likely continue its upwards growth for the foreseeable future.

Mold Remediation is half the battle

When performing Mold Remediation, choosing the right product to help remove and prevent mold stains is half the battle. Most chemicals can’t remove mold stains properly, visibly hide, but doesn’t remove, mold stains, or is harmful to people, pets, or the environment.

Citri Fresh can help

Mold Remediation companies in Atlanta, GA, and surrounding areas, continue to buy Mold Zap & Mold-B-Gone due to being cost-effective and time-saving.

Citri Fresh products will NOT harm people, pets, and the environment when applied properly, and it will leave your next Mold Remediation job mold-stain free and leave your customer satisfied.

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