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Our best deck cleaner and brightener: Deck Brite

Deck Brite: The best deck cleaner and brightener that's eco-friendly!

Deck Strip, our premium-quality exterior wood stain and finish remover, is our recommended product to use when removing all types of traditional stains and pigmented finishes.

In fact, Deck Strip can remove any and all types of stains and finishes from a deck in 15 minutes after initial application!

However, although Deck Strip may be rinsed thoroughly after use, residuals may remain on the newly-stripped deck. It would take a lot more time & effort to completely rinse, clean, and remove the residual than necessary.

This is why our product manufacturer, American Mold Products, developed their product, Deck Brite, our recommended deck cleaner and brightener, to act as a neutralizer and natural-wood brightener & cleaner to be used AFTER Deck Strip or on unstained or unfinished decks!

What is Deck Brite?

Deck Brite is an eco-friendly, all-natural deck cleaner and brightener that safely brightens and restores the natural beauty of exterior wood, removes tannin and rust stains, and can be used on all species of wood, including redwood.

Deck Brite is recommended for use after the application of Deck Strip, or if an unfinished or unstained deck is in need of cleaning or restoration.

How does Deck Brite work?

Deck Before & After using Deck Wash!
Deck Brite is best used on unstained decks, unfinished, decks, or decks that use Deck Strip!

Deck Brite is formulated to work closely with Deck Strip or on decks without stains or finishes. Deck Brite removes tannin, rust stains, fungi stains, and weathered graying whilst neutralizing the remaining residual chemical water containing Deck Strip - if applied beforehand.

Please Note: Deck Brite is NOT formulated to remove intact paint, stain, or clear finishes and may dull painted and metal surfaces if not quickly rinsed. Deck Brite is used to neutralize Deck Strip or restore exterior wood to its original state, remove tannin, rust stains, and more, on unstained/unfinished decks.

Who should use Deck Brite?

There are two main scenarios in which Deck Brite would be recommended:

  1. When someone uses Deck Strip to remove intact finishes or stains.
  2. Someone has an unfinished/unstained deck and wishes to either clean it or brighten graying wood.

When someone uses Deck Strip (Scenario 1)


2 Gallon Powder Jar of Deck Strip
Use Deck Brite after Deck Strip to completely neutralize and clean your deck!

Deck Brite is best used as a deck cleaner and brightener for people who have purchased and used Deck Strip on their residential or commercial deck. Deck Brite is not necessary or required to use after Deck Strip. However, we recommend using Deck Brite to completely ensure that the entirety of the deck is neutralized from Deck Strip.

If Deck Strip remains on a deck after use, and is not completely rinsed away, any future deck stain application may be difficult due to lingering residuals of Deck Strip.

Someone has an unfinished/unstained deck (Scenario 2)

A picture of a dirty, unstained deck in need of cleaning.
Deck Brite is able to remove graying, tannin & fungi rusts, and more!

Deck Brite can be used on decks without stains or finishes that contain fungi & rust stains, tannin, or weathered graying to bring it back to its original appearance!

We do not recommend using Deck Brite on decks with stains or finishes of any kind, as it could lead to unwanted blemishes or removed stain/finish.

What about Deck Wash or Deck Strip?

As stated above, Deck Strip is best used beforehand for removing stains and finishes on Decks. We recommend using Deck Strip in combination with Deck Brite to completely neutralize any remaining Deck Strip. To learn about Deck Strip in more detail, please click here!

With regard to Deck Wash, while we'll refrain from going into detail in this blog post, as we'll make one in the future, what we can say is that Deck Wash is a product that should be used to remove dirt, grime, mold & mildew stains, and more, on untreated decks, without stains or finishes, or decks with stains/finishes that need cleaning!

Please look forward to our upcoming blog post about Deck Wash!

Other important information!

To get the most information on all the products offered by Citri Fresh, including Deck Brite, we recommend visiting our product manufacturer's website:


Click here to view Deck Brite's product directions.

Click here to view Deck Brite's MSDS sheets.


If you have any questions regarding our deck cleaner and brightener, Deck Brite, please don't hesitate to contact us or our product manufacturer, American Mold Products.

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