Bee Stop: How to stop bees from coming back!

Bee Stop: How to stop bees from coming back!

Bees are important

Bees play an important role in the ecosystem. They provide honey, beeswax, and perform pollination. By continuously pollinating the ecosystem, bees create sustainable farming, help biodiversity and environmental protection, and creates food security. By studying bees and their behaviors, scientists can determine the environment’s current situation and make the necessary changes to ensure its success.

The problem with insecticides, pesticides, and bees

Wasps, and similar insects related to the bee, pollinate, but are often seen as pests rather than essential to the environment. As a result, insecticides/pesticides are used to kill them, and unfortunately, bees may also end up as victims to these harmful chemicals.

These products often contain chemicals toxic to the environment. Not only is the environment harmed by using these chemicals, but pollinators are being eliminated too, further damaging the ecosystem as a whole.

Our Solution: Bee Stop

We understand the difficulties of having bees, wasps, and other insects around residential or commercial buildings. So, as a result, Citri Fresh now sells an all-natural, eco-friendly product that repels them without harming the environment. By applying Bee Stop on desired surfaces, bees & wasps are repelled without harming them or the environment.

Bee Stop is completely eco-friendly & all-natural. By using ingredients found naturally occurring in nature, the blended formula acts a natural repellent towards bees & wasps.

While Citri Fresh recommends always wearing protective goggles when handling any chemical, Bee Stop will NOT harm people, pets, and plants.

All-natural Ingredients

Bee Stop uses an all-natural, eco-friendly blend of essential oils (orange, grapefruit, coconut, and more) to create a product that is capable of repelling bees & wasps without harming them or the environment.

Renewable resources

The ingredients used in Bee Stop come from renewable resources, meaning use of our ingredients does not deplete the overall number of resources available on earth. Furthermore, our ingredients do not take away or harm the earth – one of the biggest considerations when creating Bee Stop.

A growing concern

Bees, wasps, and similar insects are important to the environment. The growing environmental concerns regarding insecticides and the declining bee population prompted the creation of new methods and products from companies all over the globe.

Citri Fresh is selling Bee Stop in order to facilitate the needs of a repellent that does not harm the environment, bees and other related insects, and keeps the area free of bees & wasps.

If you have any questions about Bee Stop, or any products Citri Fresh currently sells, please don’t hesitate to contact us!

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