Deck stain remover Deck Strip removes stains & finishes in 15 minutes!

Deck stain remover Deck Strip removes stains & finishes in 15 minutes!

Our 15-minute deck stain remover: Deck Strip!

2 Gallon Jar of Deck Strip, our best deck stain remover!

Deck Strip, created and manufactured by American Mold Products, will cut through and remove old, weathered coatings, including solid or semi-transparent stains, tinted water repellents, or other toner-type, transparent finishes in just 15 minutes after initial application!

What is Deck Strip?

Deck Strip is a premium-quality exterior wood stripper for all types of traditional stains and pigmented finishes. Oil-base, water-base, and even tough-to-remove latex stains are easily removed within 15 minutes of application!

How does Deck Strip work?

Deck Strip is formulated to be easy-to-use right out of packaging. Simply mix the 2 gallon or 5 gallon Deck Strip powder into a pail of water (2 gallons or 5 gallons of water depending on size purchased - please refer to the product directions) and stir the contents with plastic or wood. Deck Strip is ready within minutes after stirring.

Deck Strip works by penetrating deep into the wood pores to pull any stain and finish out of the deck. In just 15 minutes after the first application, the applied area can be thoroughly rinsed to remove the stain and finish from the deck.

What is Deck Strip best used for?

Deck Strip is a deck stain remover best used by homeowners or companies needing to remove stains or finishes on decks. Deck Strip should ONLY be used for removing stains or finishes on decks.

For the best results, we recommend using Deck Brite after complete application of Deck Strip to neutralize the remaining Deck Strip on, and in the pores of, the deck.

More information regarding Deck Strip, Deck Wash, and Deck Brite will be released throughout the month of June 2022! Please stay tuned to learn more about the deck products we sell and how they can help you save time, money, and effort on your next deck!

Important information!

This blog briefly covers Deck Strip as a product, its directions, uses, and how it works. For full details on safety protocols, directions on how to use Deck Strip, and more, please click here to be taken to our product manufacturer's website.

The rest of this blog will briefly touch upon what Citri Fresh considers the most important information. This, along with additional, information, such as product directions & MSDS sheets, can be found on the manufacturer's website.

If you have any further questions, please don't hesitate to contact our product manufacturer, American Mold Products!


Deck Strip is for EXTERIOR use only. Deck Strip can be used on all wood types, including pressure-treated lumber, cedar, redwood, exotic hardwoods, and North American hardwoods.

Deck Strip can be used to strip and restore outdoor wooden decks, fences, siding, shakes & shingles, boat docks & boardwalks, outdoor furniture & decor, gazebos & arbors, play sets and more.


During preparation & application, wear rubber or plastic-coated gloves & safety goggles. If applying with a sprayer, wear a NIOSH-approved, full-face respirator with an organic vapor cartridge and N-95 pre-filter.

Deck Strip is corrosive to metals. Cover any and all exposed aluminum surfaces to prevent discoloration.

Do NOT mix Deck Strip with any other products, especially products containing chlorine or bleach (sodium hypochlorite).

Rinse surrounding grass and plants with water before and after exposure.


Keep Deck Strip in cool, dry areas. Do not leave Deck Strip in areas that are prone to extreme temperature changes (extreme hot & cold temperatures).

More information

For more information such as direction for use, cautions, product information, and MSDS sheets, please click the links below.



If you have any further questions about the deck stain remover, Deck Strip, please don't hesitate to contact our product manufacturer, American Mold Products!

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